The price of land in Bulgaria is one of the lowest in Europe and it is tenfold lower than those of the major producers in Europe, such as Germany and France. However, good agricultural land can be rented at lower prices in countries of the former Soviet bloc like Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan; however the land there can not be bought, but only rented. Moreover, in such countries the political situation often changes and long-term investments can not be planned.

Buying land in a country like Bulgaria, which is a member of the EU, has other advantages. Firstly, it provides access to one of the largest markets in the world, and secondly – each registered producer is entitled to a subsidy. In Bulgaria, if the highest limit on direct payments per decare for next year is estimated at BGN 25.70 (EU funds plus state supplements), they can get nearly the amount of the lease. Therefore, Bulgaria is among the locations sighted by investors outside the EU.