You relocate...
… and have lot of questions!

Immo Consult BG care for you and your family to settle in in Bulgaria.

We not only understand your questions, we give you the answers!

We want to be more than a simple service provider. You can be sure that during the whole relocation process you are in the hands of experienced and competent specialists.

Choose one or more services and require an individual offer:

• Booking a hotel for the transitional period
• Searching for a flat or a house
• Support by purchase of a property (inclusive support by the public Notary), furniture, car
• Registration at energy provider (electricity, gas, water), telephone / internet, cable contracts
• Registration at local residents registration office
• Applications for a tax ID and authorisation for tax deductions
• Opening of bank accounts
• Insurance
• Translations of official documents

As a pensioner in Bulgaria