Republik Bulgaria

EU-entry: 01.01.2007
Location: South-East Europe, on the Balkan peninsula
Area: 110.994 km2
Population: 7.358.462 (Februar 2011)
Population density: 68 Einwohner pro 1 kmĀ²
Capital: Sofia
Timezone: MEZ plus 1 Stunde
Frontiers: Rumania, Serbia, Mazedonia, Greece, Turkey
Coast lengh: 354 km Black Sea Coast
Highest peak: Musala (2925 m)
Form of government: Republik with parliamentary form of government
Biggest cities: Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna, Burgas, Russe, Schumen, Dobrich
Language: Bulgarian
Currency: Lev
Phone code: +359
Sunny days: 180


Bulgaria is a fascinating destination for both summer and winter tourism. It is a magnificent country with a rich and vibrant culture set against a spectacular backdrop of mountains, dense forests, lush valleys and glorious sandy beaches that rivals anything that the Mediterranean can offer.

Bulgaria is situated on the Balkan Peninsula and is bordering, clockwise from the south, Turkey, Greece, Macedonia, Serbia, Romania and to the east the country`s natural border is the Black Sea. Top quality resort schemes are underway along the Black Sea Coast where you find a unique combination of glorious climate, low expense and, pure and simple, an extremely pleasant place to be.

For anyone looking for skiing, sunshine and buying the perfect holiday home investment, Bulgaria is the place to start. As one of the first European countries ever to be recognized (681) this is a place with a big history and a bright future in front of it.


The name might be Black but the waters are as blue as its endless summer skies. With its white sandy beaches and magnificent mountain backdrop, the Black Sea coast is one of the gems of South-eastern Europe. Warmer than the Mediterranean, the Black Sea coast is clean and safe with clear water and natural dunes.

For decades the Black Sea coast has been the most popular, the most preferred and the most visited Bulgarian destination. And rightfully so, the summers are long and warm with plenty of sunshine throughout the season with average air and water temperatures in the mid-twenties.

Quite simply, Bulgaria is a natural gift. Rivers, lakes, golden sand beaches, vast plains, high mountains and evergreen forests create a diversity rarely seen on a single country`s territory.